AAF-Akron was founded as the Advertising Club of Akron in 1945 with the goals of “encouraging excellence in advertising and offering technical guidance to its members.” Early on, one of the club’s primary projects was an annual awards show. Named the Penny Awards after J. Penfield Seiberling – a charter member and founder of the Seiberling Rubber Company – the show honored the best creative work produced by member agencies and advertisers. The Penny Awards are now the Akron ADDY® Awards, the first and local tier of the national ADDY Awards conducted by the American Advertising Federation.

NatlAchv_CommOver the years, our goals and programs have broadened and our name has evolved with our mission. Initially known as the Advertising Club of Akron, the organization was renamed The Advertising Federation of Greater Akron (AFGA) and more recently the American Advertising Federation-Akron. Each name change has reflected our growth, with the current one adding collective brand value to the AAF brand nationwide.

Past Presidents

2014-2016   Scott Kessler
2012-2014   Cecilia Sveda
2010-2012   Jen Snider
2008-2010   Tim Klinger
2002-2008   Bob Piks
2000-2001   Keeven White
1999-2000   Kelly Penrose
1998-1999   Max R. Barton II
1997-1998   Kelly Penrose
1996-1997   Pat Dinan
1995-1996   David Samuelson
1994-1995   Maria Gitto
1993-1994   Steve Finley
1992-1993   Sharon Stalker
1991-1992   Olivet Case, Sharon Stalker
1990-1991   Elicia Klein
1989-1990   Hugh Alpeter
1988-1989   Howard Cleveland
1985-1988   Victor Pavona
1984-1985   Dixie Vinez
1983-1984   Ann O’Donnell, Dixie Vinez
1982-1983   Gary Vernon
1981-1982   Richard Guello
1980-1981   Thomas Welsh