Get Involved. Have Your Say. Make A Difference. Join Our Crew!

Unlike other organizations in the area, AAF-Akron is completely supported by volunteers. We rely on the talents and resources of our membership to prosper. And, it’s a win-win situation for all! Our committees provide leadership opportunities and the chance to learn new skills and meet and share ideas with professionals in related fields.

ADDY-JudgWe’re not asking for a lot of time, just a commitment to the overall mission of AAF-Akron, whether it be through planning events or ADDY competition, driving membership or communicating our message. In fact, if every member could volunteer one hour a week, it would greatly decrease the time commitment for everyone involved.

Here's how you benefit

Resume Builder - Make professional and personal connections for life.

Build Relationships - Build relationships that can move your career forward.

Professional Development - Opportunity to learn. You do things you might not have otherwise tried. Your confidence builds, you get a big head. Soon you’re unstoppable.

Have a Voice - You’ll have a voice in what AAF does. You’ll elevate your profile in the community.

Give back - Gain satisfaction from giving back to your industry and the community.

Have a talent to share?

We are looking for help in several areas, including:

  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting/Proofreading
  • Photography
  • Program & Event Planning
  • Membership
  • Education
  • Community Involvement

Team Roles

Below are all the roles involved in AAF-Akron. See a team that interests you? Contact Cecilia Sveda, Executive Director at [email protected].


This committee seeks opportunities to enhance member experiences and expertise through professional development and networking opportunities. Learn more >


The primary responsibilities of the Membership committee are recruitment, retention and involvement of members. Learn more >

American Advertising Awards - ADDY® Awards

The annual American Advertising Awards® awards (ADDYs) program recognizes creative excellence in locally created advertising. The committee is responsible for the every component of the competition. Learn more >

Communications & PR

This committee promotes the activities of AAF-Akron through media releases, special promotions and outreach to the advertising community in the Akron area. Learn more >


This committee helps secure partnership with companies in order to help support events such as the Lunch + Learn program or the ADDYs. Learn more >


This committee serves as the club’s connection with all area colleges and universities. Learn more >